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  1. Wes, I truly enjoyed reading your book, couldn’t put it down, and I don’t read much! Ha! Read it in two days–some of which was when I was awakened at 3:00 and 4:00 a.m.–wide awake–hiding under the covers so as to not wake Bob! And I couldn’t get enough of your story. Today I finished up hearing your freshingly, transparent and heartfelt journey that, quite frankly, mirrors so many of us Christians; I’m not sure we all couldn’t identify with in numerous areas when you boldly confessed and gave honest accounts of many of our ups and downs as we walk the Christan life. You have challeged me to go deeper, stay the course and proudly be a warrior for God. Bob and I are so proud to call you friends and have been blessed for your love of others, your service to this community, and your perserverence in staying the course! I knew there was something I liked about you! We still need to have dinner! Now that I’m done, I’ll let Bob read it! LOL YOU ARE BEING USED BY GOD BROTHER! Praise God for you and Lori and for your life of sacrifice and all that God has done in your life.! Romans 1:16; Luke 4:18; II Cor. 12:10; John 3:30; I Tim. 1:15: Gal. 1:10; Phil 3:12
    sacrifice! Janis A. Ricks
    Lover of God…Wife to Bob…Stepmom to two children…Nonny to five wonderful gifts from God…Servant in pursuit of Honoring God…recovering Perfectional and Codependant…a work in progress

  2. Wes,

    I was very surprised and pleased to receive your book at Christmas. I did not know you were working on the book. I look forward to reading it very soon. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending me a copy. Best of luck with everything and happy new year!

  3. Wes, thank you so much for the copy of Amazingly Graced! What a tremendous blessing it was to read; and as I’m sure others have said, it was hard to put it down. Esther and I feel so honored that you thought of us in sending out early copies of the book. I cannot tell you how encouraged I was as I read the unfolding of your life story. It was eye-opening, enlightening, and a refreshingly transparent look into the life of a guy I THOUGHT I knew. 🙂 As you shared your struggles during your ‘single’ years, I felt a twinge of guilt over how I could have ministered to you more effectively at that time in your life. I can only praise God that He had His eye on you, you kept your eye on Him, and He accomplished His purpose in your life. I pray that you will continue to walk in His footsteps, and keep yourself in the palm of His hand. God bless, and special greetings to Lori. Tim Heritage

  4. Wes, what a privilege and honor to be one of those chosen to receive your book. We have read it with pain as we walked with you through the tough times and with joy through the good times. You and Lori have been on our prayer list since the day we met you because you so impacted our lives then and that continues today. May God richly bless you both and keep the books coming. Charlie & Jacque Fincher

  5. Wes, …it was a captivating adventure! Amazingly Graced ministered to my soul and spirit. Thanks for this transparent and open look into your life journey!

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